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Big And Real 9


Starring: Audee, Barbara Angel, Candy Alexa, David Perry, Franco Roccaforte, Sindy, Thomas Stone

Europe`s biggest, fleshiest, all-real tits have a home: director David Perry`s Big and Real 9. On a rooftop with a castle on the horizon, full-figured Barbara Angel`s melons spill from a low-cut dress, displaying thick nipples and massive areolae. Latin stud Franco Roccaforte plows her rack and as they fuck, her bosoms pummel his face. Doggie-style rutting makes her udders sway. Striking blonde call girl Candy Alexa seduces David outdoors, flashing heaving breasts. She slaps her boobs with Davids dick and he slaps `em with his hand. She rides cock, big ass bouncing, fun bags flapping. Thomas Stone mashes stacked MILF Sindy`s all natural, H-cup hooters into a window and has her suck her own nipple. He grips her head for a face fuck, balls in her cleavage, and straddles her mountainous sweater meat for a pillowy titty fuck. Her jugs clap as she`s porked. In the tub, blonde Audee works hot suds into her swaying mams. After a soapy boob fuck she rides cock, flappers undulating hypnotically. She massages Davids sloppy sperm into her creamy cans.


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